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David Cameron launched a devastating attack today on 30 years of multiculturalism in Britain, warning it is fostering extremist ideology and directly contributing to home-grown Islamic terrorism.

Signalling a radical departure from the strategies of previous governments, Mr Cameron said that Britain must adopt a policy of "muscular liberalism" to enforce the values of equality, law and freedom of speech across all parts of society.


Up to 7,000 due in Luton for English Defence League rally, as anti-racist and Muslim groups prepare counter-demonstrationsFar-right activists from across Europe will join thousands of English Defence League supporters tomorrow for the biggest rally in the group's 20-month history.

Police expect up to 7,000 demonstrators will descend on Luton, the Bedfordshire town where the EDL started in spring 2009, amid evidence of the group's growing influence among young people.

The organisation has staged more than 30 protests since it was formed, many of which have been marred by Islamophobia, racism and violence.


THE number of British people converting to Islam has almost doubled since 2001, according to a new study commissioned by a former councillor in Haringey.

The report, entitled A Minority Within A Minority, was carried out by the inter-faith think tank Faith Matters, which is headed up by former Liberal Democrat Noel Park councillor Fiyaz Mughal.

It estimates that the number of people converting to Islam has risen from about 60,000 in 2001 to up to 100,000 today. Researchers spoke to 120 converts – many of whom are white women – to gain an insight into the experience of Muslim
converts around the UK – and many of their findings were groundbreaking, as Mr Mughal explained to the Advertiser.


The number of converts to Islam in the UK has nearly doubled in the last decade, with over half of them being white females, a new study has found.

The report by Kevin Brice of Swansea University shows that the number of people converting to Islam has risen from about 60,000 in 2001 to about 100,000 in 2010.


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