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Faith Matters and Christian and Muslim work cited in the Express Tribune, part of the International Herald Tribune.ISLAMABAD: Political and religious leaders across Pakistan are being urged to sign a new charter demonstrating their dedication to countering religious hatred.

Besides condemning violence, the Christian-Muslim Covenant of Non Violence in Pakistan urges signatories to actively tackle the root of religious tension and promote interfaith harmony.


Fiyaz Mughal, the director of non-profit group Faith Matters, argues that a combined ‘hard and soft’ approach should be used to tackle homophobia in Tower Hamlets and east London and that bodies which continue to invite anti-gay speakers should have their funds cut.

The posters that have been plastered around Tower Hamlets, promoting homophobia and discrimination against the LGBT community, are a shocking and sickening reflection of some within our community who choose to promote division and hate.


Faith Matters has opened an office for interfaith, countering extremism and promoting dialogue work in Lahore, Pakistan. Faith Matters has been working for the past 18 months in Pakistan and the office will co-ordinate work within Pakistan.

Director of Faith Matters said:
"We have diligently been working in Pakistan to develop dialogue between faith communities and we have also been working on countering extremist narratives in the country.


The FURORE surrounding France's banning of the niqab was reignited last week with the publication of the new law's legal details. From 11th April, women will be unable to wear full-face veil in any pubic place, whether visiting the shops, going to watch a film or picking up children from school. There is a hefty punishment should they choose to disobey.

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