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Faith Matters in the Huffington Post - The Fight Against Islamophobia Steps up a Gear

By Dr Leon Moosavi

A new service has been launched this week enabling Muslims to report anti-Muslim discrimination. The initiative by Faith Matters must be applauded and can be a milestone in challenging Islamophobia.

Over the past four years, my own research about Islamophobia has highlighted the need to recognise and challenge Islamophobia. This is evidenced in the growth of the far right across Europe over the last 10 years and more disturbingly, the increasing tendency for their Islamophobic rhetoric to be replicated in the mainstream. For example, a recent poll showed that 45% of Britons are not ashamed to admit that they think there are 'too many' Muslims in Britain. Numerous other studies also suggest similar widespread suspicion and dislike of Muslims.


Eric Pickles: Communities together not apart

Published 21 February 2012

The Government has called on people to come together and play their full part in local communities. A new 'localist' approach to achieving a more integrated society focusing on creating the conditions for everyone to live and work successfully alongside each other was today unveiled by Secretary of State Eric Pickles and Communities Minister Andrew Stunell.


Print PDF Reports on the Work of Faith Matters in Countering Extremism in Pakistan

We talk to Fiyaz Mughal, founder and director of Faith Matters, about how the charity is seeking to tackle extremism in Pakistan through the use of SMS technology.

Could you outline the main objectives of Faith Matters?Mobile Phones and Countering Extremism

Project Peghaam tests messages on a focus group of Pakistanis in Pakistan and with the UK Pakistani Diaspora community. These messages are based on Quranic verses, leadership and poetry which underscore peace, non-violence and respect for minorities. They are then sent to six million live mobile numbers in FATA (the Federally Administered Tribal Areas) on the Afghan/Pakistan border and within AJK (Azad Jammu and Kashmir).


Faith Matters in TimesIslamists misunderstand the Islamic Caliphate: Report on the launch of the Faith Matters report, “The Tanzimat: Secular Reforms in the Ottoman Empire”

Faith Matters in the Times

Extremist Muslims who campaign for the return of an Islamic Caliphate are deluded in their understanding, and in fact the true Caliphate was a model of secular reform, according to a report.

Faith Matters, the respected interfaith think-tank, debunks extremist claims about the caliphate in an investigation of the secular reforms of the Ottoman Empire.


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